@johnhaden : trying to get it done!

@johnhaden : trying to get it done!

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Not what you say….. how you say it ! 

Richie Parker: Drive (by ESPN)

Every day or moment I think my life sucks, I’m going to do my best to revisit this video. 

Such a disappointment that instead of hearing about these inspirational stories, our we’re more concerned with the latest on the Kardashian sisters. 

I’m really proud of my uncle.  Despite the critics he remains loyal to Lane Kiffin.  It’s easy when you’re winning,  but when you’re not, true character shows.  He remains positive, logical and loyal. Characteristics that despite what they think, most people would definitely not exude in similar circumstances. Regardless of what happens this season, I admire him for simply being a stand up guy. That…. in my estimation, will always surpass any win/loss record. 


Opening bell!!

The dream team right here. :)

What is that girl doing fixing karp’s hair? Is she a PR person?


Tumblr HQ Update: Week 316

Pizza lore with Roberta’s. Our new sign is almost level. GIF lessons from Mr. GIF, in-person! A deadly staring contest.

cool company… I hope Yahoo let’s you do your thing!~ 



OK… I get it


Yep, Yep and ummmm No. 

Floyd you might have the first two,  but the third?  Really?  You gotta where a hat that states that? 

I don’t think the first two equals the 3rd.

Pretty Rad Story… the world needs more people like Anil and Ashish ! 

Mumbai Golf - E:60 ESPN (by Evolve IMG)

Can you buy something to make you “cool”?

So I am hearing,  as I’m sure you have, that Tumblr got bought for $1.1B or 86% ROI ‘cause they took a $125M investment.

One of the reasons for the purchase I’m hearing in the media is to make Yahoo “cool” again.  

Couple of things : 

1) Buying stuff doesn’t and can’t make you “cool”.   I assimilate this to the divorced overweight  balding executive who buys the convertible slammed benzo on 22s,  hoping to get noticed by women half his age. 

2) You’re cool when you’re setting trends or doing something against the grain.  In this case,  Yahoo should concentrate on building something cool that solves a problem. Getting back to your hacking roots and build something cool. 

The only thing “cool” about this acquisition is that David Karp will probably start his own angel fund that will fuel the building of more “cool” things.